This  section is for journal articles and books that may be of interest to Nurse  Continence Specialists. These items are refreshed regularly.

Reid-Searl, K., Anderson, C., Crowley, K., Blunt, N., Cole, R., & Suraweera, D. (2021). A nursing innovation to promote healthy bowel functioning in childrenCollegian. View the Abstract 

Candido, J., Rarawa, L., & Roberts, R. (2020). Adapting and moving forward: The experience of implementing COVID-19 contingencies in a nurse-led metropolitan continence outpatient clinicAustralian and New Zealand Continence Journal, The26(4), 103-105. View the Abstract

Lin, X. Y. C. (2021). An update on vaginal oestrogen for overactive bladder: reporting the literatureAustralian & New Zealand Continence Journal27(2). View the Abstract

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Reid, S., Brocksom, J., Hamid, R., Ali, A., Thiruchelvam, N., Sahai, A., ... & Parkinson, R. (2021). British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) and Nurses (BAUN) consensus document: management of the complications of long‐term indwelling cathetersBJU international.  View the Article

Corsetti, M., Brown, S., Chiarioni, G., Dimidi, E., Dudding, T., Emmanuel, A., ... & Scott, S. M. (2021). Chronic constipation in adults: contemporary perspectives and clinical challenges. 2: conservative, behavioural, medical and surgical treatmentNeurogastroenterology & Motility, e14070. View the Article 


Northwood, M., Ploeg, J., Markle-Reid, M., & Sherifali, D. (2021). Home-care nurses’ experiences of caring for older adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus and urinary incontinence: An interpretive description studySAGE Open Nursing7, 23779608211020977. View the Article 

Thompson, J. (2021). Identifying and addressing the education needs of Australian nurse continence specialists who perform vaginal and rectal examinationsAustralian and New Zealand Continence Journal, The27(1), 13-16. View the Abstract 

Abrams, P., Cardozo, P., Wagg, A., & Wein, A., (Ed.) (2017). Incontinence - 6th international consultation on incontinence (6th ed.). Bristol, UK.: ICI-ICS, International Continence Society. (A digital edition can be downloaded free of charge from here) 

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Gibson, W., Johnson, T., Kirschner‐Hermanns, R., Kuchel, G., Markland, A., Orme, S., ... & Wagg, A. (2021). Incontinence in frail elderly persons: Report of the 6th International Consultation on IncontinenceNeurourology and Urodynamics40(1), 38-54. View the Article (read only)